After having played extensively in France for three years and appearing at the Main Square Festival in Arras, Les Transmusicales de Rennes and Liverpool Sound City, Lolito's first album has landed.

Anne, Florence, Mathias and Michel have composed a series of short electrifying songs that make you want to jump around like a little kid on your bed.

Although their influences are clear (Pixies, Blonde Redhead, B-52's), the French band has a very fresh sound with incredibly catchy songs.

Many tracks are anthems making fun of men's flaws. The album screams women empowerment at every turn.

Happy and high-spirited, these four energetic musicians never think twice about switching roles or instruments. They also know how to give some of their songs a more melancholic tone without ever departing from the pop-rock energy that dominates their debut album.

In life as well as on stage, the members of Lolito display a joy which frankly is rare in these uncertain times.