July 09, 2011

The man behind The Loft and The Weather Prophets in the 80s and then Ellis Island Sound and Wisdom Of Harry, Pete Astor has also had a solo career for over twenty years. He was one of the cornerstones of Creation Records when it began and released numerous records on the label with his first two groups and also under his own name.

Astor is today a musicologist and lecturer at the University of Westminster and London's Goldsmiths College, but he continues his career as a songwriter and performer.

Pete gave us the chance to be the first to hear songs from his 6th solo album, Songbox, the work of a pop expert. His concert at 7ème Ciel was a rare event. He was accompanied by Ben Phillipson (Comet Again, The Eighteenth Day Of May) and played a selection of songs spanning his musical career.

A-LIX is a Franco-Argentine electro-power pop duo consisting of two drifters who crisscross Europe and South America on their travels. Vincent and Lorena excite their boisterous fans from Glasgow to Buenos Aires via Barcelona, the port they call home.

When the concert took place, Lorena was back in Argentina finishing her studies, and Vincent had the difficult task of supplying both the charm of his other half and his own guitar riffs.

It was an electro-acoustic gig, with Vincent playing acoustic guitar and working a drum machine. He managed to find the right formula to entertain the audience without incurring the wrath of the 7ème Ciel neighbours.