August 06, 2011

In 1994, while the airwaves were saturated with the noise of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Dinosaur Jr., Catchers, a young Irish group with only a few singles and an EP went on French national radio for the first time.

After hearing just a few songs, Bernard Lenoir, who at that time was at the heart of independent music in France, offered Catchers a spot on the legendary Black Session on France Inter. The fragility and pastoral tones of the pop group were a million miles from the grunge world which we had been drowning in. The contrast was striking.

Five years later, after two appearances at La Route du Rock music festival, many tours on both sides of the Atlantic and a second album called Stooping To Fit, Catchers decided to end their adventure. We had no news until Dale Grundle, the singer-songwriter behind Catchers, created The Sleeping Years a few years ago.

The adolescents who had listened to France Inter that evening in September 1994 were, of course, all grown up in 2011. Most of them had probably lost the innocence which had touched them so much when they heard that Black Session.

7ème Ciel, which is never short of innocence, was delighted to welcome Catchers for what was the last concert of the season.

The evening began in quite a chaotic fashion with heavy rain on the 7ème Ciel rooftop forcing This Is The Kit to play in the living room. However, the weather improved for Dale Grundle, Alice Lemon and Dan Wood, and they played 14 songs, which were performed in an acoustic arrangement for the first time.

They went from the pop of "Come Around" and "Cotton Dress" to the more fragile numbers of "Beauty n° 3" and "When I Get Over You". It was a very beautiful journey which took a large section of the audience back to their first musical awakenings.

The evening went on very late and included a cover version of Miossec's "Le Cul Par Terre" with Grundle and Wood on guitar and the remaining audience joining in.

As the night was one of innocence, it made perfect sense to also invite This Is The Kit. Paris-based English singer-songwriter Kate Stables celebrates the happiness we get in relationships with loved ones and nature. Stables' songs are a comfort when the absurdity and cynicism in the world almost choke us.

A portrait of Catchers including footage from their concert at 7ème Ciel by Hartzine.