July 02, 2010

The first time we saw Emil Svanängen, aka Loney Dear, was at La Flèche d'Or, a Parisian venue, in 2006 , where he was wedged between the heavy guitar sound of The Jai-Alai Savant and the much-hyped Voxtrot. To begin with the audience was a little restless and uninterested, but, armed with just one guitar, the Swedish singer-songwriter played a short and moving set and silenced everyone.

Since then, thanks to his five albums (including 2009's enchanting Dear John) we have discovered Svanängen's talent for writing subtle, crafted pop songs. In the intimate surroundings of 7ème Ciel, the multi-instrumentalist gave a very attentive audience a lovely evening.

Sounding like a cross between Belle And Sebastian and Ryan Adams, Tom Cooney's melancholic folk songs travelled all the way from his native Australia to ring out across our rooftops.

Discovered in Paris along with Josh T. Pearson and H-Burns in the West Country Session, he had been shortlisted for the Australian Music Prize a few years ealier. Tom previewed songs from his forthcoming album, The Repetition.