July 24, 2010

After Robert Gomez, the second Texan to set foot on the 7ème Ciel rooftop was Josh T. Pearson. He is a musician whose electric performances with his old group, Lift To Experience, enthralled everyone lucky enough to see them live.

For a few years now, Pearson has lived in Paris and embarked on a solo adventure. He has regularly shared the stage with his friends from Dirty Three. He has also been invited several times to play All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Southern England.

Pearson now performs live with an acoustic guitar. However, he hasn't yet completely turned his back on rock and this acoustic setting has not affected the sheer strength of his performances.

With Last Of The Country Gentlemen, his debut solo album for Mute Records just finished, Josh gave the 7ème Ciel audience the opportunity to be the first to hear his new songs, which are wrought with spirituality. The concert lasted for more than two hours. It was the longest gig by any artist whose presence graced the rooftop.

On the same night, 7ème Ciel also opened its doors to Jklöd, a visual artist whose work, created from salvaged objects and material, is a lyrical poem for lonely hearts. Some of his creation adorned the walls of 7ème Ciel.