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Bobin Eirth, often billed as B'eirth or B'ee, is a leading figure in psychedelic folk. Along with a revolving cast of friends, he has recorded under the pseudonyms In Gowan Ring and Birch Book since the mid-90s.

Raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, he later moved to Portland, Oregon. A modern-day troubadour, he also lived for extended periods in France and Germany.

His first three albums, Love Charms, The Twin Trees, and The Glinting Spade, are landmarks in the American psychedelic folk scene of the 90s.

In 2002, he releases Hazel Steps Through A Weathered Home and acquires a growing reputation in Europe.

Rooted in both the psychedelic folk of the 60s and early music, In Gowan Ring takes an unexampled path that foreshadows the birth of the new weird america movement popularized by Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom.

Over the years, Eirth has developed a homespun sonic tapestry with a peculiar richness of vision, recording highly-praised records, travelling and performing across the world.

His regular, long absences from the music scene have not deterred his ever-growing notoriety as one extraordinary musician and character.

"Music has always been for me a line of enquiry into a web-like world of subtle perceptions that reach through the metaphysical background of life.

It is both a window onto the imaginal realm of primeval myth and an invitation to track our own smoky parables that, however evanescent, are yet somehow essential to our humanness and to our habitation of this material world.

These inner landscapes where we experience love, awe, affinity and reverence branch deep through the heart of things, and we do well to heed the spirits there." – B'ee –


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