7 Is 10

7 Is 10 is our humble way to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Les Disques du 7ème Ciel.

The record label is the little brother of Les Concerts du 7ème Ciel. A DIY organisation run by a couple of cats named after Nina Simone and Diamanda Galás, Les Concerts du 7ème Ciel invited musicians to perform on their Parisian rooftop terrace every summer over the course of six years.

Simone and Diamanda welcomed dozens of artists including post-punk veterans And Also The Trees, British luminaries Mark Fry, Gareth Dickson, This Is The Kit, Pete Astor and Catchers as well as American musicians Josh T. Pearson, Theo Hakola and In Gowan Ring.

The terrace with a fantastic view of the hilltop of Montmartre also hosted gigs by established and upcoming French artists such as Holden, Jérôme Minière, Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains and Maud Lübeck.

We went as far as New Zealand and Australia and welcomed French For Rabbits and Heligoland for enchanting dream pop nights. Not bad, for cats!

One thing leading to another, the label was launched with an EP by And Also The Trees.

7 Is 10 comes in a 6-panel digisleeve. It was given away for free with every purchase made from our webshop while stock lasted.

1 Maud Lübeck - C'est Pas Rien
2 We Were Hunters - There Was A Man Of Double Deed
3 And Also The Trees - The Untangled Man
4 Goodbye Ivan - Mirage
5 Goodbye Ivan - III/IV Exhale (Excerpt)
6 Catchers - Cotton Dress
7 Lolito - Berline
8 Theo Hakola - The West Is Dead
9 Birch Book - Les Feuilles Mortes
10 Jérôme Minière - Sous Le Radar
11 Goodbye Ivan feat. Simon Huw Jones - The Visit (Anxiolytikk)
12 In Gowan Ring - Sial At Play
13 Alexandre Varlet - Que La Nuit S'Étire A Jamais