La Fabrique

Finding their roots in the best French Chanson from the 60s and 70s as well as British pop ditties, Lübeck's songs are intoxicating as they convey a motherly tenderness to the listener. 

It is a physical world with a rare subtle richness that touches the heart without ever compromising the melodies. 

It's impossible not to think of some of the greats of French Chanson when you listen to Maud Lübeck: 

"Ever since I was old enough (or tall enough) to use a turntable, I have taken shelter in Barbara's dark but reassuring and protective skirts at least once a week. 

It is with the same pleasure and abandonment that I now take comfort in "C'est Pas Rien" and "La Balançoire", songs which seem as austere, serious and solemn as old ones such as "Au Cœur De La Nuit" and "Parce Que (Je T'aime)". 

And yet they are sources of both shivers and delights. Like Barbara, Maud Lübeck is not a woman of her own time. She is ageless, not limited to any one period. She has no real musical family, and is a spectral beauty moved by mischievousness and music." - Jean-Daniel Beauvallet (Les Inrockuptibles) -

The LP comes in a gatefold sleeve and includes a large lyric insert.

1 Monamourenboîte
2 Haut
3 La Fabrique
4 Le Parapluie
5 Le Pull Lover
6 Je T'Aimais Trop
7 Byebye
8 Un Chagrin
9 La Balançoire
10 Les Larmes Gelées
11 La Route
12 C'est Pas Rien


7 Is 10


Another Summer