This Land Is Not Your Land

An American musician, novelist and actor who has been based in Paris since the late 70s, Theo Hakola – founder of the bands Orchestre Rouge and Passion Fodder – is back with his sixth solo album This Land Is Not Your Land.

This Land Is Not Your Land is more songs about love and hate (of a man, of a woman, of your country or his), more songs about baseball and a life-long need... to laugh.

It is the perfect blend of classic americana ala Woody Guthrie (whom the album's title is based upon) and more contemporary flourishes (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, 16 Horsepower) complete with violin, feedback edge and stampeding drums.

It is, once again, music meant to ring out as eloquently decades from now as it does today, and it's words that Melody Maker once called "a lyric of such intensity that it's almost real life."

This Land Is Not Your Land is a knife to the listener's brain as well as the listener's heart, a blade forged by a full and varied existence and happily honed with his concert band The Wobbly Ashes.

The double 12" vinyl LP is packaged in a recycled grey cardstock embossed sleeve and comes with a large insert which contains all the lyrics.

A1 The Only Church
A2 Ilmarinen's Lament
A3 Dead Souls Singing
A4 This Land Is Not Your Land

B1 Quicksilver
B2 Let Buddy Bolden Blow
B3 My Love's Kisses (Taste Like Salt)
B4 Fox News Is My Muse

C1 Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks
C2 Dump The Bosses Off Your Back
C3 The West Is Dead

D1 Wesley Everest


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